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Add a touch of class - Lighting

"Currently we are sourcing lighting that will enhance all of our quality furniture, providing
you the best price, quality and options for all your lighting needs.

Please come back and visit this area in the future or call us now to discuss your lighting needs
- we will be happy to help realise your ideas.

Lighting your garden not only creates light at night but adds peace, harmony and emotion."

Andreas Halasi - Director



The lighting to the right are stainless steel
up-lighting spot lights suitable for decking.

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All of our solid pine Fencing, Trellis and
Planters are pressure impregnated with
a non toxic preservative Tanelith-E.

No additional weatherproofing is needed.
Each come with a fifteen year warranty.

subject to terms and conditions

16 different styles to choose from
and all come with ECO Friendly
impregnation as standard.


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Create your own personality,
style and warmth in your
garden today with our
lighting options

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